Wednesday, 2 January 2013


A story about one of America's most haunted houses turned ghostly this week when the camera picked up an eerie object floating behind the reporter's head.
Vanessa Bolano was filming a report about the Myrtles Plantation, which claims the title of one of America's most haunted homes.
When she brought her footage back to the studio, she noticed a foggy apparition behind her while she was standing in the French room describing the 12 ghosts that supposedly haunt the grounds.
The plantation's history is steeped in ghost stories.
It's a 215-year-old home was built by a general named David Bradford, according to the official website. Today brave guests can stay in its bed and breakfast or get married on the grounds.
One popular story the Daily Mail recounts is the tale of a slave named Chloe.
Chloe would sneak around the grounds eavesdropping on conversations until her master caught her and cut off her ear as punishment. She baked a cake using poisonous leaves and served it for revenge against him.
But the master's wife and daughters ate the poisonous cake.
As the story goes, Chloe was lynched before she could run away and she still haunts the grounds.
She may have just made her first television appearance.

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