Saturday, 19 January 2013


Here is the January 2013 edition of the Haunted Earth Show.

We start off this months show with a re-visit investigation of haunted Harwich Redoubt fort, which was where on our last visit we caught what sounded to be Morse code, while investigating the cell block.

At night the circular parade ground is alive with activity.
On this latest return, we get an EVP reaction to a verbal comment, and a soldier in spirit identifies his former regiment. And two incredible light anomalies, one on camcorder, the other as the digital still photograph below.

This is the same room where the unusual light anomaly was captured floating over this boat.

Despite the very cold and bitter weather we were still able to capture some pretty interesting activity, and over-all, it was a great investigation. As always our thanks to Harwich Paranormal Investigations, and the Harwich Society for access to this quality location.

This close-up of the light anomaly almost resembles two faces.
If you have a team looking for somewhere new and quite different to investigate, then this location is a must.
The venue is entirely historic, and the HPI team who monitor the fort are very professional and incredibly helpful.

You can contact the Harwich Redoubt by email here: Harwich Paranormal

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