Thursday, 31 January 2013


New Talbot manager Ajay Chohan was baffled when his mobile phone vanished from inside the main bar room of the West Bromwich pub while clearing up in the early hours of the morning.
He immediately went to check video camera footage in a bid to solve the mystery. While scrolling through the film he saw the phone, which had been left on a chair, fly on to the floor. “It was crazy,” said Mr Chohan, aged 30. “No-one was near it and then it just flies off the seat and lands about three metres away from where it was originally.”
Since the incident at about 3am last Tuesday there have been a number of other ghostly occurrences.
Orb-like lights have been seen on the walls of the pub in Black Lake and one worker said she felt someone touch her on the shoulder, even though there was no-one there.
New Talbot manager Ajay Chohan
Former landlord Gary Stephens died after suffering a heart attack inside the pub 20 years ago and some staff believe his ghost could be responsible for the strange occurrences. Mr Chohan added: “One regular customer – his dad used to run the pub – said the seat where I put my phone was where he used to sit.
“A few people have been saying it could have been his way of telling me that was his seat.”
He added: “I’m a sceptic but when you see things like that it makes you think twice.
“There is no explanation. The vibration function on my phone is broken, there is no draft inside the pub.”
The pub opened more than 100 years ago.
Last year tens of thousands of pounds was spent revamping the two-storey building.
Source: Express&Star

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