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The Middleton`s - `Haunted`

Kate Middleton’s parents are in the center of a new ghostly experience which reportedly has ties to the late Princess Diana. According to the Mirror on Saturday, Jan. 26, 2013, the new home that Kate’s parent’s purchased is in the area that the ghost of Lady Winchcombe is said to travel past at midnight.
It seems that the late Princess Diana was a descendent of Lady Winchcomb, who died of a broken heart centuries ago. It is reported that the ghost of Lady Frances Winchcomb has been seen riding past the Middleton’s new manor in a chariot that is drawn by six black horses. Lady Winchcombe’s ghost is described as a “lady in white” who rides on a chariot that is said to be driven by “headless postillions.”

Lady Winchcombe - Haunting
The ancestor of Princess Diana is said to have died of a broken heart after her husband cheated on her. In October of 1718 Lady Winchcombe died after starving herself due to the betrayal of the husband she loved. For some reason she wasn’t buried until December, which spawned the theory that she could never rest in peace, according to Historian Martin J. Wayland.
Lady Winchcombe’s husband had run off with his mistress three years prior to her death in 1715 and moved into a French chateau at Marcilly with his new love the Marquise de Villette. Apparently the ghostly sightings date back to 1898 as Wayland claims he was able to date the reports of Lady Winchcombe’s ghost riding through the area near the Middleton’s home back to that time.
Did Kate’s parents know that their new £4.7 million manor in Bucklebury came with a midnight haunting of their new son-in-laws ancestor? The chariot that carries the ghostly apparition is said to give off strange noises as it makes its midnight rounds. Residents of the area report it sounds as if it is rattling along the lane. What do you think, did the Middleton’s get more than they bargained for when they bought their new estate?
Story: Examiner.com

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