Saturday, 5 January 2013


FOR anyone missing their Christmas spirit – it looks like it’s been found in the mountains.
A ghostly apparition was spotted by a group of trekkers as they traipsed through the Chatyr-Dag mountain region, in Crimea, Southern Ukraine.
The spooky sceptre seemed to haunt a magical rainbow formed against the dramatic mountain backdrop.

But luckily for the explorers, the creepy figure turned out to be a phenomenon called the Brocken Spectre.
The clever illusion is created when low sun shines behind someone looking down into fog from a ridge.

Ukrainian snapper Mikhail Baevsky, had to trek up a whopping 1,200 metres – above cloud level — to get a glimpse of the sighting.
The 61-year-old university chemistry lecturer said: “As a scientist, I know the physics behind why this shape happens but because that day I saw this a few times it was as if I was being chased by a ghost!

“The beginning of the day was so cloudy that I just presumed that I wouldn’t be able to capture anything.
“We were tempted to turn back at 900 metres because it was so cloudy but I’m really glad we persevered and carried on heading up as at around 1,200 metres the fog started to clear otherwise I’d never have been able to see this.”

Source: TheSun

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