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City Arms pub,Wells

The past is coming back to haunt the City Arms pub in Wells.

Dating from 1649 and formerly the city jail the pub's staff have reported ghostly goings-on, prompting a group of paranormal investigators to see what they could find.

Avon Paranormal Investigators (API) spent the night using electromagnetic field meters and night vision cameras to try to detect any spirit activity.

Dan Lawrence, co-founder of API, said: "We had one of the most active nights we have ever had and we have done quite a few investigations. Some of our equipment we use on investigations was going off the scale, something that doesn't normally happen."

The team included a medium, Mo Sutton, who had a busy evening.

Mo said: "There was a lot of spirit activity and parts of the pub felt cold all the time, which is sometimes a sign.

"I can see the spirits and communicate with them. In some rooms it felt very, very heavy."

The spirits encountered included a mother and daughter in Victorian dress. They went by the names Emily and Isabel and said that they perished during a fire at the pub.

Not all the spirits were as benign. One was described by Mo as a "black character" she called the "hangman". When he appeared Mo claimed that people could feel a noose around their neck and they got the feeling they were not welcome.

The results did not come as a surprise to licensee Penny Lee.

She said: "We've known for a long time that there was something here. We have had cutlery flying off tables and things move around. I felt a bit uneasy but I thought let's let them come and see what they can find."

Even Penny's sceptical son Dom was won over by the nights findings.

The team performed a seance and a man appeared to Mo.

She asked the spirit to "touch" Dom who said he felt a cold and highly charged static force directly behind him.

Dan said: "We didn't aim to scare Dom but I do believe he may now be a bit more of a believer."


My thoughts - With all that has been alleged, are there any video or pictures?
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