Thursday, 4 October 2012


Assistant manager Hennie Kuger and (inset) presidential candidate Mitt Romney

A GHOST that is a distant relative of American presidential candidate Mitt Romney is believed to be haunting a newly-refurbished pub.

The mischievous spirit of Agnes Romney has been sighted by staff at Romneys, in Kendal, and has knocked drinking glasses off tables, opened drawers and closed doors.

Her brother is believed to be the great great grandfather of  Mitt Romney, the Republican Party nominee running against Barack Obama.

She was also the first cousin, once removed, of the famous Kendal painter George Romney.

Assistant manager Hennie Kuger, of Kendal, said he had seen the early 19th century ghoul in window reflections and believed she was ‘hanging around her old home’.

The 32-year-old thought sightings of Agnes would end once renovation work at the hostelry on Milnthorpe Road was completed but she ‘keeps making her presence known’.

“I came to England in 2002 and worked here when it was the Kendal Arms,” he said.

“That’s when I first heard stories about Agnes. I’ve never been a believer in ghosts myself but one evening when I was having my meal upstairs in the function room I saw a reflection of an old woman in the window “It was dark outside and in the reflection she looked like a little lady, a bit like my grandma.

“When I looked behind me there was no one there. Agnes used to live up in the top of the building with her sister.”

Mr Kuger said other staff had also reported mysterious goings on at Romneys. He added: “Quite often, late at night, we hear footsteps and sometimes you hear creaking.

“Glasses just fall off the shelf. Once, we filled a bin to prop a door open and when we came back to it the bucket had moved and the door was shut. She also opens drawers.

“I think she’s just hanging around in her old house.”

Martin Orrom, of the Romney Society, said Agnes’ links with the Kendal pub were unclear, as was much of her life.

He said: “I can’t see any link between her and the house in Kendal, although George Romney’s house, where he lived after retirement, is quite close on Milnthorpe Road.”

Source: Westmorland Gazette

My view:
Is this story more than a coincidence as Romney - a non-drinking member of the Mormon Church , seeks Presidential election? There is a link in the area to the Romney family, but as can be read, not one that is proven with this pub. On the other hand, renovation work on some old properties does tend on occasions to stir up activity from disgruntled former residents. I think the reports are genuine, although the attribution to a Romney ghost is to say, somewhat tenuous. 

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