Monday, 15 October 2012


The Grey Lady ghost? - Click to enlarge

SIGHTINGS of a ghostly lady dressed in grey have failed to spook hardy pub regulars.

In fact, they are so keen to prove the historic watering hole is haunted that they are inviting people to join them on an official ghost hunt on Saturday.
Starting at 11.30pm and finishing at 3.30am, the hunt hopes to unveil a host of paranormal activities at the Lowndes Arms in Whaddon.
Already landlord and landlady Jeff and Suzy Chandler are convinced they have at least one resident spook.
“My husband has seen a ghostly image of a lady dressed in grey on three occasions,” said Suzy.
More worryingly, the pub chef witnessed a large chopping knife lift itself off the kitchen worktop and throw itself across the kitchen, she added.
“The chef is constantly complaining of ‘mischief’ in the kitchen whereby items disappear then mysteriously reappear.”
Staff have also heard footsteps upstairs when nobody was there and a barman saw a door handle move and the door rattle when he was alone in the 17th century building.
The Chandlers, who bought the pub last year, have already called in an expert spiritualist medium.
The medium, who used high tech cameras and vibration meters, claimed he found ‘high levels’ of paranormal activity.
He reported: ‘Spiritual activity ranged from hearing footsteps of a wooden floor – the corridors were carpeted – hearing whistles, feelings of dread and despair and huge temperature drops’.

Source: MiltonKeynesCitizen

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