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Chislehurst Caves

“Some people believe when you die you go to a place where you feel happy and safe. For some kids during the Second World War that was the caves.”

The eerie words of Chislehurst Caves’ ghost guide Jason Desporte are what he offers by way of explanation for some of the haunting sounds he has heard in the 20 miles of tunnels.

The labyrinth has a long history of spooky encounters, from bizarre noises to the bizarre tale of The Challenge in 1985.

Two men, David Duker and Chris Perry, were challenged to stay in the caves overnight for the sake of a £5 reward. In the darkness, the sudden screams of Chris echoed before he was taken to Queen Mary’s Hospital.

A map showing the extensive cave system
“He severely broke and dislocated his shoulder”, said Jason. “It’s just one of those things, he doesn’t remember anything about it.

“You can’t put any explanation on it, they all get shot down. He was just in his sleeping bag and it’s not like he was a small guy, he was 6ft, 4ins and 17 stone.”

Other stories have emerged over centuries from the caves, including that of the White Woman who is said to have been murdered by her husband and now lurks around the haunted chamber.
Spiritual `Ecto` captured in the caves

Her bones were discovered during the early 1940s and her appearances have been reported by various visitors.

Jason added: “People believe it’s her and some believe she is a warning for something else.

“She’s a tragic case but there are lots of stories down there – one story is about a black wolf with glowing red eyes, and there’s the dead soldiers and miners who haunt the tunnels.”

Though he has never seen any otherworldly figures, Jason claims to have heard the sounds of young children in the caves.

“I have heard the giggles of little kids and heard the noises of them just generally playing. There are cases of children dying in the caves when they were used as shelters in the war – so maybe it’s them.”

Story source: BromleyTimes

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