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Awhile back, Mrs. Obama detailed some strange activity both she and her husband had experienced. Michelle Obama reported that they were woken up by odd noises coming from the hallway. In general the Obama family alleges that they have heard many peculiar bumps in the night, on repeated occasions. As well, there have been accounts of something gnawing on their feet in the dead of night, even though nobody was there. This incident could just be a case of the most infamous haunting in America, the White House hauntings.
The White House is said to be one of the most haunted places in America. Spiritual activity is no doubt present, and has been happening for decades. Take for instance Dolly Madison. The ghost of Dolly Madison arrived to scold the workers as they on the brink of pulling her planted flowers. The men got so scared, they fled. The Rose Garden is still in place today, all flowers intact as stated by history.com. Other characters who haunt the scene are Andrew Jackson, Abigail Adams, Andrew Jackson, Annie Surratt, and even tales of a black cat. This phantom feline is said to appear right before a national tragedy occurs.

Flash forward to the here and now, and still, insiders of the White House agree, something‘s not right. Yet even when the most secure house on the block, the White House, is hearing creaks and feeling spooked, something has got to give. Who’s Haunting the White House?, a book authored by Jeff Belanger, figured out exactly how to answer that question which is also his book title, by doing some investigating of his own. Belanger got insider access to the White House in order to accurately write his book, and the people who spoke were serious about their encounters.

“Without pause he [the secret service agent] said, well we understand there’s been a British Redcoat that’s been seen outside the North Portico and of course a lot of people have been reported seeing President Lincoln up near the Lincoln bedroom,” said Belanger, who mentioned the secret service’s voice was kept at a normal tone, when talking about the ghostly appearances.

The highest forms of surveillance are used at the White House, including the secret service agents who keep a watchful eye out for possible dangers. Clearly, they do not miss a single step, and act like an instant replay as in some areas of the president’s humble abode, cameras aren’t present.

“Now the British Redcoat’s interesting because in August of 1814, Washington D.C. was sacked, it was practically burned to the ground during the war of 1812 by the Brits and the White House itself was just an empty shell, it was completely gutted by the fire and there’s two spots on the building to this day that have never been painted that still show those burn marks from 1814, it’s a window near the North Portico and there’s a window near the South Side and it’s there as a reminder. And I started wondering is that British Red Coat also there as a reminder,” explained Belanger to the Voice of Russia.

Time and time again, prominent figure President Abraham Lincoln is seen by many, both administration staff and political figures. His presence may be one of the most popularly seen spirits serving the White House.

“The chief foreman, Tony Savoy, his job was to go on the second floor and turn on the lights in the morning for the first family. To get above the first floor must be by invitation of the first family only, unless you have official business and you work for the building. Tony Savoy was turning on the lights one morning and he said I was walking down the hall and I stopped and he said right in front of him was President Lincoln, sitting on a chair with legs crossed and his hands resting on each other and described what he was wearing, Lincoln looked over at me and he disappeared,” told Belanger about Savoy’s experience with the ghost that looked like Abe.

All of these ghosts, however frightening they may be, have never harmed a soul. Though they make us shake and shiver and possibly lose some sleep, they are here for a reason. Some spiritual entities are thought to stick around to be remembered, while others heed warning. “I think it has a lot more to do with us than him [Lincoln]. I think we need him. He’s sacred, I know he’s a political figure but politically speaking he’s as close to sacred as we get. He just represents the guy that held it together,” said Belanger.

Belanger strongly believes there is a clear distinction between the British Redcoat and Lincoln who linger about on the president’s turf. The redcoat is thought to be a residual haunting, meaning he is just a memory and nothing more. Residual hauntings are simply a playback of a past event.

Whereas Lincoln is more of an intelligent haunting, which means he has the ability to interact with people. Honest Abe may be able to help guide a president in power, especially if they summon him on a subconscious level.

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