Monday, 15 October 2012


Vanessa Williams - `haunted`

Here we go again once more ....... It`s cool amongst celebrities to have your own ghost, if you like, a kind of fashion accessory that you can proudly tell to your friends to show that deep down, you really do have an open mind. With others on the `Z` list, the social need to have a ghostly encounter equates to free publicity, and the chance of vaguely sliding back into the limelight.
Of course I`m not saying Vanessa`s experiences are any of the aforementioned, but with so many actresses claiming these experiences, you are more likely to think otherwise.

Actress Vanessa Williams is convinced her New York home is haunted after experiencing a series of ghostly happenings.
The Desperate Housewives beauty, who stars in spooky new U.S. Tv drama 666 Park Avenue, lives with her four children in Westchester County and the 49 year old is certain the family house, which was built well before World War I, has a scary, storied past.
She tells Us Weekly, "My house was built in 1905, so there are lots of unexplained sounds and lights that go on and off. I'm sure there's some history I don't know about."

Source: Contact Music

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