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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - When there's a city as old as Bangor, it's not uncommon to hear of spirits who prefer to stick around their former stomping grounds instead of fully crossing over into the after-life.

One building in Bangor in particular is believed to be the home of at least two ghosts who have been called "mischievous".

Although the Bangor Museum and Center for History is open to the public six days a week, some may tell you the house is never truly empty.
Bangor Museum and Center for History
Built in 1835, the Thomas A. Hill house is located on the outskirts of downtown Bangor on the corner of Union and High Streets. It's seen a lot of people over the years...some who have never wanted to leave.

Executive Director Jennifer Pictou says sometimes you'll just be sitting, working at your desk, and it will sound just like somebody's in the next room, and you will be completely alone in the house.

She believes spirits linger throughout the house -- too many strange occurrences take place on a daily basis to not believe that.

Sometimes employees smell floral perfume that no one who works there wears or it will suddenly feel and smell like a puff of cigarette smoke is getting blown in their face.

Museum employees like to keep an extra eye on their smaller personal items like their set of keys. One minute they can be there and the next minute, they're not.

Pictou says It's just an every day part of working here. I mean, coming in when I interviewed for my job, they let me know that the house was haunted, so I knew coming in.

Even after two paranormal groups had ghostly experiences here, Pictou says all the employees still feel safe. They even have an idea of who may be keeping them company. Among the paintings and nearly 1,000 pieces of memorabilia from the Civil War era, it's believed that Sam and Melinda Dale's spirits are the ones keeping things interesting.

Sam Dale was the mayor of Bangor and owned the home. His wife lived here for 50 years even after Sam died in his second floor bedroom. Scandal circulated Sam's death when $10,000 he raised for victims of the 1871 Chicago Fire was stolen. Rumors that he

A museum is a place where items are preserved so future generations can understand history. But those items used to belong to actual's just that some of those former owners don't want to part with their belongings.

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