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One of the most unusual mediums of attracting and capturing images of the dead, has to be spirit photography through television screens displaying white static `noise`.

The premise is for a photographer to simply aim and snap images from the screen in the hope that a spiritual anomaly in the form of a face, or body, will appear within the matrixing of the screen.

There are on the internet many examples of these images, and the main level of criticism has to be upon what type of set the image was recorded, and the conditions surrounding the capture.

Televisions connected to an aerial or other device run the risk of picking up weak signals of actual transmissions, and thus contaminating the possibility of a genuine capture.

Here in the UK at least, this issue can be simply addressed by utilising an analog  625 line television set, as all analog transmitters have now been turned off, thus making the capture of a contaminating `ghosted` image quite impossible.
There are also comprehensive studies on `white noise` EVP capture from televisions which are outside the remit of this article.

An excellent article which defines in greater detail with further references to this study through image or sound can be found here: SEEING AND HEARING SPIRIT ON TV

Currently, I am carrying out my own research with this phenomena, using a non-digital analog television set, and although it is early days, I have yet to capture anything that is compelling enough to share.
If I am successful, I will share the results from a new post on this blog.

Here are some examples seen on the internet with accreditation to the copyright owner or site.
I cannot verify their authenticity.

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In 1986, Mainz physicist Professor Ernst Senkowski announced that the first recognisable images of deceased persons had been taped from television. Supporting his claim is the research of electronics engineer J.P. Seyler from Luxemburg. By filming a TV screen tuned to an open channel, Seyler obtained a brief videotape that portrayed a recognisable image of Hanna Buschbeck, a German researcher of electronic voice phenomena (EVP), several years after she had died in 1978.  Interestingly, the form in which she appeared on the videotape was as she had been in her youth, not as she had been when she died.

The alleged image of a youthful Hanna Buschbeck captured on videotape several years after her death

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