Monday, 22 October 2012


 Pea Ridge Battlefield

Musket fire in the middle of the night and ghostly soldiers, they’d seem out of the ordinary in some places, but at the site of The Battle of Pea Ridge, they’re just a part of the landscape.
The Pea Ridge Battlefield has remained the home of some spooky sights and sounds over the years that have put it on the watch list of several paranormal investigators.
Some of the most common occurrences at the Pea Ridge Battlefield include visitors reporting hearing cannon and musket fire in the middle of the night.  Some who visit say they’ve even heard the voices of civil war soldiers.
Other guests to the facility have reported feeling like they’re being followed.  
One group of paranormal investigators claims they acquired an audio recording of marching drums and field commands.  Click here to listen to it.
The questions surrounding the Pea Ridge Battleground are what have given it a unique spot and title as one of the key locations haunting Arkansas.

Source: 5NewsOnline
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