Sunday, 14 October 2012


Chris Halton at Old Gorhambury House

Once again I am able to share with you all this month`s edition of `The Haunted Earth Show`.
Although not as long as last month, I have at least been able to share with you two investigations - one at day, and the other at night, which both include some interesting phenomena.

Probably the best was a re-visit to the ancient church where team member Deanne Romans inadvertently captured on cam a stick like light anomaly which very quickly reacted to her presence by moving away at a fast speed in the chancel area (see still).
The building has a long history and with many tales of ghostly forms and lights, the building can often guarantee some spectral activity, and our last visit was no exception.

Old Gorhambury House, is a sad 16th century ruin of what was once a palatial home built by one of Queen Elizabeth`s favourite courtiers. Standing within a few hundred metres of its replacement `New Hall` built in the 18th century, the ruins have undoubted paranormal activity, but being within a privately owned country estate the opportunity of a night visit is completely out of the question.
A moving light anomaly at the ancient church

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this month`s edition, and hope you all enjoy a glorious halloween!

We will be back again with fresh activity to share with you all soon.

Here are some quick links.
01:23 `A Haunted English Ruin` Daytime visit to Old Gorhambury House, St Albans, Hertfordshire.
10:22 Halloween history.
15:12 `Return to the Ancient Church` Night investigation of a very haunted building.
26:25 Halloween and paranormal news.

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