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IF you thought the job of a police officer is all about catching the crooks and preventing crime, then think again.

For police are often called to tackle disturbances of a slightly more ‘supernatural’ ilk than your average burglary or bar brawl.

Beds Police have revealed a bizarre list of nearly 40 reports of sightings of UFOs, ghosts, goblins and vampires in the last six years.

The force released details of 39 calls made to its call centre operators since 2006 from its own “X-files” following a Freedom of Information request.

Among the calls logged is one from a Bedfordshire resident claiming that his neighbours are invisible and have been stealing from his flat while another states that there are zombies in his house.

Another called to report strange goings on after claiming to have only six cigarettes left when she had earlier had 15, while one caller wanted officers to help get rid of a ghost called Greg that had been haunting her house for the previous three years and ‘banging around’ every time she wanted to go to sleep.

Among the 13 UFO-related calls was one from a resident concerned that the earth was being invaded by aliens after spotting seven lights in the sky.

And proving that it’s not just police that encounter the supernatural in the course of their duties, a paramedic called for police back-up after encountering a patient rolling around in the middle of the road accusing him of being a ghost.

A spokesman for Beds Police said: “We believe the majority of these were either hoax callers or recorded during the Halloween period about nuisance behaviour.

“Each call has been dealt with on a case by case basis and resourced accordingly.

“Nuisance behaviour is a problem around the Halloween period and can have a detrimental effect on a person’s quality of life. This type of behaviour is cracked down on as it is often the elderly and vulnerable within communities that suffer.

“Anyone caught making hoax calls to the emergency services is dealt with robustly and on occasion they could face a court of law. Anyone who persistently causes nuisance behaviour could also be the subject of a anti social behaviour order.

“Anyone who makes a hoax call is wasting the time of the emergency services who could be dealing with a real emergency where lives could be in danger and also wasting public money. Our advice to hoax callers is simple – don’t make these calls as the police will deal with you through the courts and you could end up with a criminal record which will impact on the rest of your life.”



ASSAULTS by ghosts, visits from vampires and thefts by witches... These are just a handful of the supernatural incidents reported to North Wales Police within the last five years.

The force revealed it has been called to deal with incidents involving ghosts, vampires and witches – but has moved to assure residents that “no reports of demons, werewolves, wizards or zombies” have been received.

One distressed caller told officers they were possessed by a ghost, while another believed they were a vampire.

Out of 41 incidents, nine rang 999 to report ghosts in their house, five reported witches and one claimed to be sharing their home with a vampire.

Four separate spirit sightings were recorded, while mischievous ghosts and witches were alleged to be responsible for three assaults and a theft.

And two callers believed they were being pursued by witches, while one reported being “surrounded by witches and vampires”.

The force also received 13 calls reporting UFO sightings between 2004 and 2011.

The last recorded incident, revealed in response to a Freedom of Information request, was in Conwy last year, when a caller reported seeing an object directly above their house which they described as “a huge light with glowing green triangles at the back”.

Elfyn Roberts, co-owner of North Wales-based company Supernatural Activity, said people who experience ghostly incidents are often afraid to seek help.

He added: “It is quite unusual for people to report supernatural activity like this to the police, or to anyone.

“Often when people report these kinds of incidents to us, it takes a lot of persuasion on our part before they will agree to let us investigate because they are worried about the consequences and making the problem worse.

“Our advice to anyone who experiences an unexplained incident is to get in touch with people who have professional expertise.”


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