Friday, 1 July 2011


Following on from the winter investigation in my spiritually active home, it has recently started to get busy again with activity.
One morning whilst working in the kitchen I casually looked out of the window and saw in the blink of an eye, a lady wearing late forties/early 1950`s clothing carrying a basket with what appeared to be freshly washed clothes for drying in the garden.
She suddenly appeared before me, and walking across in front of the kitchen and within a blink of the eye she suddenly faded away.
This I felt was residual energy, and not the appearance of a sentient spirit.

A couple of weeks later, I enter the kitchen late at night to get a drink, and in the darkness I saw a dark grey mist sweep in front of me in the kitchen before disappearing into a wall.
This type of manifestation is irregular but happens.

Following on from this, recently I was lying in my bed late at night just dozing off to sleep when I heard two very loud raps on a door below me. I was relieved after investigating to discover there were no other living people in the house.

My home I discovered, is partially built over the foundations of a much earlier house that originally stood in an open field. I believe parts of the house that overshadow the original home act as a portal through which much activity has been captured.

Other previous manifestations have been the appearance of a crescent shaped `orb` energy which is much documented on video - see EVIDENCE OF SPIRITUAL ACTIVITY
These appear in the first part of a compilation of activity captured in my own home.
This manifestation is that of a little girl called, `Ellie` who occasionally visits the house in spirit.

Apart from these events, there is regular activity from a tortoiseshell cat who sometimes appears on video with the sound of purring. An example was captured on my last house investigation here:
 The reason I know the cat to be tortoiseshell was on one occasion when I went to the top landing and saw both my own cats both sat down and staring at another cat which turned and ran into a bedroom. Only difference being was that the door was firmly closed and seeing a solid mass pass through a solid mass was quite a mind-bending event!

And so the hauntings here continue, with Sunday mornings being the most active period during any one week.

Here is my latest video which showed an event never captured before, and one which left me visibly shaken..

And some photographs captured in that room:

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