Saturday, 30 July 2011


The ghosts of a couple who died at the Bukit Timah railway two years ago have been spotted!

Many Singaporeans have been flocking to the defunct railway to take photos as mementos, and two people have on separate occasions encountered a ghostly couple. Both times, the ghostly couple was seen at night and at the same spot where they died after being hit by a train two years ago.

This ghostly photo was submitted by photography enthusiast Liao Ting Yao (age 27).

According to Liao, he had visited the train tracks to take photos on the last day that the train station was open to the public, on 17 July. He had lingered till the wee hours in the morning of 18 July, and took a photo of the train tracks.

What showed up in his photo astonished him. In it was a couple sitting on the tracks, when he clearly did not see anyone when he took the photo.

On a separate occasion, Lianhe Wanbao reporter Zheng Jia Xin had visited the train tracks at night and saw a couple sitting on the tracks. When she took a photo, the couple was no where to be seen in the picture.
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