Sunday, 17 July 2011


Haunted Earth TV consisting of broadcaster and host Chris Halton with team members Deanne Romans and Sean Kim re-visited one of the country`s most actively haunted locations known as the haunted airfield bunker.

Hidden from general public access since WW2 when the USAAF and RAF last flew from this site, the bunker (comprising of a large bomb proof command centre and adjacent Nissen (Quansett) huts) has provided some incredible footage of paranormality unparalled elsewhere.

Chris Halton says, "Every visit to the bunker provides different activity, and last night was no exception. And on this occasion we even had spirit communicating with us by tapping loudly on what sounded to be the roof of the building".

Sean Kim added, "I saw some very strange activity on my camcorder, and at one point the energy build-up was so strong that I was overshadowed and felt quite sick until the energy lifted itself from me. Also I heard someone walking a couple of footsteps behind me which was creepy.
But the tapping I heard was not any random banging, it was something trying to either contact or frighten the living daylights out of us!"

Deanne echoed Sean`s comments and added, "To hear knocking on the roof twice by request made me jump, plus all the strange events I saw on camcorder, it was overall a great investigation."

A full presentation of the investigation will be available soon.

                             Some pictures from the night`s investigation (click to open)

Sean Kim and Deanne Romans

Sean Kim and Chris Halton

Sean was overshadowed at one point and felt nauseous

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