Tuesday, 26 July 2011


The Haunted Bunker & Nissen Hut (30 years ago)

Recently I returned to the haunted airfield during the day to capture some pictures of this lonely and isolated remnant of what was once part of Britain`s aerial defences during WW2.
Much of what you will see will disappear forever after September 2011 when the wreckers move in to achieve what the enemy failed to do, and that is to wipe the airfield from human memory.

Fortunately that for me and a few others, much of the airfield has been photographed and documented on video and still images to preserve this almost complete reminder of the darkest hours of European history.
Many American and British lives were lost flying from here, and after September, only their ghosts will remain, but not forgotten.

The Aircraft Hangar

This building has never been investigated by Haunted Earth due to the building remaining locked and under the control of an off-site company.

However, there is an activity present in the building and it has been rumoured that aircraft and engineers have been heard on certain nights carrying out spectral repairs to aircraft damaged during enemy action.

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Buildings Around the Bunker Complex

The Command Centre Bunker

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