Saturday, 18 June 2011


Kim Hadfield of Halton Paranormal, in Canada sent me very recently four photographs of  an anomaly that was captured on an investigation in a local cemetery.
Of course, sceptical minds would take the soft option and declare it to be a bug, but there are no insects capable of being able to emit a very bright light from the torso - glow worms emit very small light from the tail, and being so large an object that the nearest bug in size that can be compared is the Luna Moth, but it isn`t able to emit light, and more importantly be able to articulate it legs from the front or rear to the side as this does.

And with insects they tend to congregate in numbers, whilst this remains a solitary being.
But to some this will always be a bug, whilst to others further investigation is required. 
I am of the belief that this could be a spiritual event, but like everyone else who have made an opinion on the images, we weren`t there!

Kim says, " I did have a scientist get back to me and he was stumped! he said he can safely say that this is not a bug or bird of any kind! We did not get any evps or video and the only people at the graveyard was my daughter and myself. No one has ever seen anything like these photos, well at least the people I have showed them too. We will return to the graveyard to see if we can capture this again, if we do, I will be sure to send you more pictures. thanks again so much"  Kim Hadfield 

What do you think?

                                                              Luna Moth
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