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DE PERE - The search is on for truth behind some ghost stories at an area hotel.
The owners the Union Hotel in De Pere are hoping to finally find some answers through a group of paranormal investigators.
Despite bringing in some help, others remain skeptical.
From mysterious shadows in the basement, to unexplained voices in the bar, Mary Boyd, part owner of the century old Union Hotel and restaurant in De Pere has lots of unusual stories to tell her guests.
"My sister one time was sitting in the bar when we were closed for a week in July, which we normally do and she heard somebody singing in the corner of the bar, where there isn't a speaker," explained Boyd.
The building was originally built in the late 1800's. The Boyd family has owned this restaurant and hotel for the past 93 years.

The family says some ghost stories have been past down from generation to generation.
But with every believer out there, there's a skeptic, and that includes a member of the Boyd family.
"I have more of a scientific approach to it, whether it is a noise or something like that," said part owner, McKim Boyd. “I feel there's a logical explanation for it."
But a Green Bay area group, called the All Night, Paranormal Research Team, is hoping to find some answers.

This is the group's very first investigation, looking to prove or disprove the stories.

"You can always interpret things, you can always interpret sounds as wind or rusty pipes, something of that nature," explained member, Stephan Hrubesky. "We just want to make sure it is what it is."

The group contacted the four room hotel last week. During the night, the men will use cameras and audio recorders to try to back up some of the claims.

They'll focus their investigation primarily in the basement or what the owners call, Ghost Alley.
"A lot of times you'll think somebody is standing there and you'll start talking to somebody and you'll turn to look and nobody's there so it's a little strange," Mary Boyd said.
"Not having experienced anything first hand, it's a little hard to believe," McKim Boyd explained.
But whether there's a logical explanation or not, both owners hope answers can be found, so they can finally lay to rest a question that's been looming for more than a century, is the place truly haunted?
The investigators hope to have their research finished within the next day or two.
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