Tuesday, 28 June 2011


She claims to have murdered her husband in 2004. On Sunday, the 37-year-old woman from Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu surrendered before the police as was spooked by her “husband’s ghost”.

The woman, Jyothi, told the police that her husband, Raju, appeared in her dreams to “haunt” her. She, and    a relative who help her bury the body, are now in police custody.

Jyothi told the police that her husband, who did odd jobs for a living, was an alcoholic. This led to frequent fights between them. Fed up of the daily torture, Jyothi said she crushed Raju’s head with a grinding stone while he was asleep. At the time, Raju was in a drunken stupor. She and a relative, S Devendhiran (45), buried the body on a vacant plot near her house.

In 2009, a farmer who dug up the site to set up a poultry farm came across the mortal remains – skull and bones – after which a police probe began, but remained inconclusive.

Jyothi has told the police that her husband has been haunting her since a few years. She claimed that this was the reason she shifted home with her two sons, but the unnatural pursuit continued at the new home.

“That’s when she decided to turn herself in to the police along with her accomplice,” said a police source.

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