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 COUPLE have been forced to move out of their dream Cheshire home because of terrifying GHOSTS.

French musician Jean Marc Mariole and his former model wife Charlotte have been hounded by scary incidents since moving into their Frodham home.

They heard bumps in the night, saw ghostly orbs and even caught spine tingling poltergeists on CCTV — in scenes similar to horror film Paranormal Activity.

                               Scared ... Jean Marc Mariole and his wife Charlotte have been forced to flee home after ghostly goings-on

They are so scared they have left the comfort of their home and have had to blow £3,000 staying in a nearby hotel.

And they have now resorted to begging an exorcist to ward off evil spirits.

But the house — which is close to the scene of two suicides — remains plagued by pests from the other side. The pair say the spooky goings-on started just four weeks after they moved into their flat last April and include stamping noises, flying blobs and even levitating bed sheets.
The case bears a startling resemblance to the Hollywood horror film Paranormal Activity in which a couple use a video camera to record supernatural occurrences in their home.
The constant banging and thumping through the night means the couple have not had a decent night's sleep in months — grabbing what rest they can at nearby hotels.

Dream home ... couple's house where hauntings take place
              Dream home ... couple's house where hauntings take place

On several occasions, they have been forced to flee their home in the middle of the night, desperately checking into the local Holiday Inn in the early hours.
But after spending £18,000 on decorating the luxury flat, the couple are fast running out of cash to spend on hotel rooms.
Charlotte, 53, originally from Bordeaux, said the peak of the paranormal pranks came when she was suddenly locked in her bathroom whilst washing her face.
She said: "It was really frightening - the door just slammed behind me and the window was not even open, so it couldn't have been a breeze.
Jean Marc, 64, who married his wife last March, said: "We have seen somewhere between 200 and 300 of these things flying about the house
"It's terrifying. We see black silhouettes on the walls and screams at night. Sometimes it sounds like a grown man crying.
"The noise is very distressing - it's like something out of a horror movie and does not help our sex life.
"I have lived in England for 45 years and thought I'd finally found the perfect place to live, in a peaceful village. We have spent £18,000 kitting the flat out and now we have to leave, if only for our sanity."
Now the couple say they are thinking of fleeing to France to escape the creepy incidents, despite having spent their life savings on the 19th century two-bed home.
Charlotte added: "We have even resorted to sleeping in the car to escape the horrors of the house, which as you can imagine is not very comfortable.
"We just want to leave and get a decent night's sleep again."

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