Friday, 24 June 2011


GHOSTLY apparitions of a boy murdered during the Tottenham Outrage more than 100 years ago are creating a stir in the community.

Residents say sightings of 10-year-old Ralph Joscelyne, shot dead in the crossfire by two armed robbers trying to escape the police, show he is “looking out for the community”. He has now become known as a “good spirit” among some of the neighbours.

In one “vision”, Grace Benjamin, 67, of Mitchley Road, Tottenham, claimed she saw the boy standing by her back door - yards from where he was killed - apparently sheltering from the rain.
She said: “It was very clear and there were so many similarities with the boy. He looked about 11 and he looked slightly foreign - that’s why it was so spooky.
“My daughter had told me about what happened when I moved into my house, but this vision happened several years later. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve had experiences before but this was so accurate. I feel very connected to him.”
The ghoulish vision, which took place more than 15 years ago, is one of several apparitions residents claim to have seen.

Ralph, who was helping deliver bread at the time, was killed when he ran for cover behind a car as two armed robbers opened fire during a wages snatch in 1909. He was rushed to hospital but pronounced dead on arrival.

A police officer called PC William Tyler was also killed during the chase.
Although the murder of PC Tyler captured headlines at the time and he was given a hero’s funeral, Ralph’s death did not seem to have the same impact on the nation.
A plaque was unveiled on the anniversary of the boy’s death, on Sunday, January 23, outside the Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd, in Mitchley Road.

Parishioner William Spring, of nearby Scales Road, said: “One of the reasons there was such a good turnout to the plaque unveiling is that many residents think of Ralph like a good spirit.
“I know at least some people have seen him in a mythical experience. It feels like some sort of a good ghost helping us in the community.”
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