Saturday, 18 June 2011


Angela Mathers who lives in Scotland kindly posted this image with an explanation.
"Hi Chris,was wondering what you make of this.It was taken in Glasgow Transport Museum with a mobile phone. There was no one around when I took it and you are not allowed on the trams,all access points are locked. Local investigators have a similer pic taken on a night visit".
 Angela was referring to figures seated on the lower deck - second window in from the left. I then decided to enlarge the photograph, and below is what I saw.

In this much improved close-up. I can see two figures sat side by side. My observations is that one shows more clearly an elderly man with grey thinnning hair at the sides, wearing glasses. He looks to be dressed in a grey suit with white shirt and dark tie.
This detailed man over-shadows onto another figure that looks to be wearing a darker jacket and has the appearance with his hair of being from the 1930`s.
Angela further explained, "There is no access to the vehicles at all. The doors are all locked. There was no one on or near the tram when I took pic and I didn't spot the man till I got home".
This is indeed a very odd and unexplainable capture. With the appearance of the second man I am inclined to support the view that this image shows a paranormal event. A great capture

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