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 I was recently contacted by Tony, a Youtube friend but a complete sceptic on paranormality.
He is a logically thinking man with a background in electronics, and up until now he has remained a confirmed sceptic until the day he visited The Silent Pool, Shere, Nr. Guildford, Surrey.

I`ll let Tony take up the story..

`As you know I am a bit of a Paranormal Sceptic, BUT... While out with my Daughter,who had the camera,we recorded this,Now I have been doing Electronics for nearly 34 years and I'm also an Amateur radio operator so i'm well aware of most forms of Electronic interferance,While in the shed next to Silent Pool there were only Kirsty,Myself and an Old couple, the voice of a little girl was recorded by the camera but not heared in the Physical world at the time,and it was a new blank tape from the wrapper,no audio overlay or dubbing was involved this is the raw recording ,the little girl about 9 or 10 years old would have had to have been 7-10 inches from camera's mic in anachoic conditions to get this effect on the recording...Chris your thoughts would be useful and feel free to make a copy and analyze the audio track,the origanal audio is 16 bit 48KHz PCM from the AVI MD tape..and after making audio recordings for the past 35 years i am well verses in sound,this one is as yet Unexplained. To be honest I dont think its Emma but a younger child..listen to the toneality of her audio compared to our voices in the shed`..

Here is the clip he recorded. The EVP appears at 2:26. This is a class `A` recording, and from a man who has gone to great lengths to examine and eliminate all rational possibilities before arriving at concluding this to be unexplainable.
 After the little girl`s voice is heard in the video, a weaker voice immediately follows.
I`ve managed to clean it up as best as possible, and it sounds as though she is saying, "In a minute."
Here is a link to that second EVP. GIRL EVP.wav

Quite who the little girl was, nobody really can say. There is a legend of which I have recounted here:
`After becoming a popular place to visit during Victorian times, Silent Pool gained a reputation of myth and legend. There is no historical base for the lore which is now tied into the site, but it is claimed the pond is haunted. The stories vary, but at the centre of each is a maiden named Emma:
She was bathing in the lake one morning and was interrupted by horseman who was passing by. The horseman was taken by Emma, who was a winsome young lady, he lingered on the bankside to coax her out. This stranger scared the maiden, and she backed into deeper water which raised his ire. How dare she reject his advances!!? In response he decided to ride his horse into the lake causing her to scream in out in panic. She finally drowned and fell the bottom of the lake. Upon seeing this, the mystery horseman disappeared, never to be seen again....
To this day, people claim to have seen her body floating in the lake, or hear her calls for help. If visiting during daylight hours, you'll enjoy the calming state Silent Pool will inspire in you.. after dusk though, its a slightly different story..`

 An interesting story that is also recorded in legend.

Here is a video I made on a visit to the Riche Mausoleum in Felsted, Essex.
Nothing of any consequence was captured during the visit, but whilst outside shooting views to add to the video, a very weird EVP was captured as the camera was being repositioned during the shoot.
The relevant piece starts from 8:00

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