Monday, 14 July 2014


This Wednesday July 16th 2014, Haunted Earth tv takes to the airwaves on Community Channel tv in a show entitled, `Haunted Histories`.

In total there are 9 shows running for 9 nights at 10pm, and featuring selections from our visits to some unique and interesting locations in Southern England and Eire.

Chris Halton
`Haunted Histories` presented by Chris Halton focusses on the history and associated ghost legends of some seldom visited locations which I am sure will increase viewers of future broadcasts to our format.

Haunted Earth were last featured on mainstream tv in an excellent series `The New Files` hosted by the delightful and delving presenter, Sophia Tzavella on TV7 in Bulgaria.

This is an exciting development for us, as the show has a national UK reach and transmits terrestrially and digitally with access afforded to missed shows by UK as well as non UK viewers across the world.

Access to the channel (UK residents only) can be found on:

Sky 539 • Virgin Media 233 • Freeview 63 • Freeview HD 109 • Freesat 651 • BT Vision.

For foreign viewers, Community Channel provide `on demand` viewing access for missed episodes on this link which will feature `Haunted Histories` after the first transmission date.

ON DEMAND (Click here)

We hope that you are able to tune in this Wednesday to enjoy the show!

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