Monday, 7 July 2014


This short but interesting video is currently being shared across Facebook.
The owner says, `We had been catching orbs on pictures when the kids where play near to where the dogs basket used to be.I caught nothing apart from orbs until I got the smell of wet dog so started filming on video and caught the mist.`

The poster adds that they make no claim that it is a ghost of their late pet dog.

Having lost two cats in recent years I can confirm to seeing one of them in the `the flesh`, which was shortly after she died at the vets. They are both felt around the house.
This is a very interesting video clip which I thought I would share to you all.

Here is a video on EVP captured in my home of cat purring. This occurred while one of the two  cats was still alive. Since he has joined his sister, the purring appears to have stopped.

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