Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Get ready to feel a ghostly shiver down your spine.
This is the haunting moment a chair was caught on CCTV apparently moving on its own in a closed theatre hours after a psychic finished his show.
It was recorded at Brookside Theatre in Romford, Essex, at around 4am on Sunday.

Hours earlier the theatre, housed in a former war memorial building, was packed with people attending a show by the medium Roy Roberts.
He told MailOnline he now believes the video could prove there's a resident ghost.
'When I saw the footage I jumped up and said, "yes, now we have direct proof!"
'I had a feeling earlier that there was the presence of something, a playful presence of a child, to one side of the room and it seems that must have been it,' he said.
'It doesn't surprise me, it's that sort of a place - it's really active - so when I heard about what had happened I was really excited.
'To me there is no way there is anyone in that theatre when the chair moves and there's no way anyone can say it is staged. I've never seen anything like this directly caught on camera, this is something that is paranormal.
'People can't dispute that, they will try, but they can't dispute it. I am 100 per cent sure that is energy.'
Mr Roberts said he now plans to take a team of paranormal investigators to the theatre to investigate further.
Jai Sepple, who runs the 140-seat volunteer-run theatre, told MailOnline the ghostly goings-on were not a surprise.
The building is a former Second World War memorial and social club for senior citizens, and in the two years since it was converted into a theatre he says it's had plenty of unexplained events.

A ghostly child`s footstep caught on camera

Nobody can explain the shadow of this man who wasn`t seen on stage

'The only reason we checked the CCTV was because we came in on Sunday morning and the chair was out of line,' he said.
'One of the last things I do when I close up is line-up all the chairs so I knew something had happened. It had clearly moved.
'There is also a table that moved but that's harder to make out. I'm quite sceptical about all this kind of thing but my wife isn't, she believes in it.
'There have been several things that have happened in the past, noises and creeks etc, but we've got used to it.
'We've had a child's footprints in the foyer, and one cast member said he saw a strange figure once. He ran after it thinking it was a person, but the figure just disappeared and there was nowhere for it to go. He was visibly shaken after that.
'Another cast member says he was pushed into a toilet, and he's a big chap so we don't think a person could have done it.
'Up until now though we've just kept quiet about all this, what with it being a war memorial.
'It's quite interesting, we don't know whether to laugh or cry.
'Lots of people have been emailing in saying faked it but I can assure you I've neither the time or the knowledge to do that!'

Source: DailyMail

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