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Tune into this page at 10pm GMT tonight,  (Friday 11th July 2014) for part 2 of the visit to St Briavels Castle, Gloucestershire.

Earlier, we shared with you in part 1 the ghostly history, whereas in the second part we carry out a contact session with spirit utilising Zener cards, K2 EMF meters, and a ghost box - PSB-7.

This system devised by Adam and Paula Heath of FPI is perhaps the most innovative method of communication with spirit I have ever encountered, and one which I am certain will be used or adapted by paranormal researchers.

Talking to spirit ..
We had some amazing results, and below is an edited video detailing the experience and sharing with you some amazing phenomena. I also explain in the video the circumstances surrounding this session, and the events that unfolded.

I noted in the short clip I shared with you earlier, it seemed to draw in some hostile remarks which were manifestly unfair and incorrect.

Adam Heath 
I have relentlessly shared over the years activity of the paranormal, and with a view and intent to opening sceptical eyes to the real existence of another realm beyond this one. I have never created over sensationalised events or footage,  because that would defeat entirely the purpose of the mission I set out to achieve.

 It is unfortunate that there is a great deal of hoaxed material on the internet, and perhaps more unfortunate for me that their faked video is perhaps more popular than I am sharing. But that`s unreality of the reality for you.

However, I cannot accept some almost venal comments that this session was faked, and that I and the assembled guests on a ticketed event were somehow involved in a conspiracy to deceive.

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy this video and will appreciate just how amazing this session really was.

My thanks to Adam and Paula Heath, Mark Adams, and of course the wonderful people I had the privilege to meet at St Briavels Castle.

(FPI) Forest Paranormal Investigations

Adam Heath - Team Leader
Paula Heath - Spiritual Investigator
Mark Adams - Tech and security

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