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You may or may not believe this, which regardless, was in my mind an honest capture by Sefton Paranormal. But sadly (in my experience based opinion) it can be easily explained away.

There were two camcorders in use at the time of the alleged capture. The `ghost` appears when the shown camcorder operator slowly sweeps the camera towards the centre, which has the effect of creating light balls. This is similar to taking a photograph of the sun, try and see for yourself - lots of light anomalies will appear around the aperture of the lens.

 This `ghost` is nothing more than refracted light from both cams casting an anomaly, and the poor quality of the night camcorders adds to the effect.

But it is easy to see how such a mistake can be made. And sadly, it isn`t paranormal. But it sells newspapers.

The spooky appearance of a 'solid person' was captured by a group investigating paranormal activity at Stanley Palace in Chester
This is the eerie footage which apparently captures the ghost of a 16th Century Tudor mansion.
A group investigating paranormal activity took the video which appears to show the image of a person standing on a staircase at Stanley Palace in Chester.

Sefton Paranormal Investigations describe the figure as a solid person with a visible nose, mouth and hair, which looks first at the camera and then up the stairs.

Co-founder Aaron Robinette is seen in the video with team member Joanne May at a location they identified as a hotspot.

Aaron, from Southport, Merseyside. told the Chester Chronicle: “We were informed by the curator that there was a staircase with a door underneath it, where a man died.

“In the video, I’m sat on a chair and Joe is sat on the staircase, and we’re calling out to spirits.

“Nothing happened, but it was only when watching the video back that I saw it. It appears and disappears in shot, all in front of the camera.

“We try to disprove it and if we can’t find a natural explanation, like shadows or reflections, it’s the main reason I believe I can categorise it as paranormal.”
Aaron said that the video had over 7,000 views on its first day online, which has since risen to over 24,000.

The team uses a number of techniques such as laying down trigger objects which are filmed for any spiritual interaction.

Another method is the use of franks boxes which are specialised digital radios that scan on a loop for any spiritual communication.

Sefton Paranormal Investigations has been active for over five years and is a team of five volunteers.

Source: DailyMirror
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