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The Carlisle Castle Hotel bar, in Newtown, New South Wales

Creepy video footage appears to show ghostly figures and bottles of expensive wine flying off shelves in a 'haunted' Australian hotel.

The Carlisle Castle Hotel bar, in Newtown, New South Wales found itself serving a different kind of spirit, as surveillance cameras captured the moment bottles fell to the floor behind the bar with nobody near them.

Licensee Peter Bradbury says that if it is a ghost, it has high-end tastes.

"Red wine seems to be the choice, apparently he likes the red," he told the Australian Telegraph.

"Expensive wine too, he picked a Kilikanoon last night, which is about $27 a bottle."

In another creepy clip, bartenders and locals are given a fright as a wine glass falls from a high shelf, smashing on the bar. A third video appears to show a ghostly figure dancing in front of the cameras.

Staff say spooky things have happened at the hotel "many times", with one saying they'd seen a beer tap turn on of its own accord.

Bradbury has started posting footage of what he describes as a "thirsty ghost" on the hotel's Facebook page, inviting locals to speculate about what might have caused the paranormal activity.

Local Cat Stuart suggested it could be the work of a man who used to live in the building.

"It might be old Peter," she said. "He used to live upstairs and helped around the Carlisle [in the] early 1990s. I think his bust is still displayed behind the bar."

Some regulars say the wine bottles were probably knocked over by vibrations in the floor - with others suggesting it might all have been set up in an attempt to drum up custom.

But Bradbury remains open minded, telling local a newspaper: "When we saw the bottles and glasses just start flying off shelves, we saved it and put it up on our Facebook page for a bit of a laugh, really - but we don't know what it is."

Story: DailyMirror

My thoughts:

Putting matters into a clearer perspective, the `dancing ghost` (see video from newspaper link)  is nothing more than a fibre moving in an ambient breeze. It`s translucence can be ascribed to it`s close proximity to the camera lens.
Regarding the poltergeist activity. I noticed that on the clips shared, any person could get access behind the wine display units. From a concealed position it is easy to create the effect of wine bottles being ejected.
I also noticed some editing cuts which sadly looks very suspicious.
I can find nothing whatsoever in this video  that suggests paranormality through any event which is unexplainable. No objects are raised or carried by `unseen hands`, nor is there anything that would make these events unique. As always, I wasn`t there but with most pub or bar hauntings, the cause appears to be more publicity related than spiritual.
If this is a real haunting, why has it suddenly started?  Of course (they say) it has to be a past resident ....
I have to say, this isn`t that impressive.

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