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Florida is hot. Georgia is backward. Texas is big. Tennessee is racist. California is expensive. Texas is big.

And Pennsylvania, according to Google, is haunted.

Google last week released results of queries that summarize any state with just one word, based on its autocomplete method that predicts searches based on popular activity from other Google users on the web.

My Vong and Savan Yiv don’t disagree with Pennsylvania’s status at all. They claim the Kennett Square building they work in could be haunted. But the spirits, they say, are friendly.

Last month, Yiv was at the register at Polished Salon on Union Street closing down for the day when she said she saw a figure pass by her. The air suddenly became cold, and something smelled “funky.”

“I chased it,” she said. “I didn’t get a good look at his face. I followed it through two doors and then it disappeared.”

Then over a week ago, Vong said she saw a “figure” as she was closing up for the day. She remembers it was a little girl with long black hair covering her face.

“Something walked by me, and it was really creepy,” she said.

Vong brushed it off and went to Boothwyn, where she lives. Later that night, she said her 6-year-old son was brushing his teeth when he saw a little girl with dark hair.

“She followed me home,” Vong said.

Later that night, Vong’s boyfriends said he felt something tugging on his leg, pulling him off the bed. Now, he won’t stay in the apartment unless others are there.

“He’s freaked out now,” Vong said.

Yiv said she too has seen the spirit of the little girl with black hair.

“I don’t know who she is, but she’s light-skinned and she’s curious,” she said. “Some people have told me maybe she’s trying to look out after me.”

Yiv said she wears a necklace her mother gave her to ward off spirits. She said she’s not afraid of the spirits because of her Cambodian culture.

Vong, meanwhile, said she is certain she saw a ghost.

“I believe in spirits,” she said. “I know what I saw.”

Source: DailyLocal

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