Sunday, 2 February 2014


One of the biggest problems with sharing paranormal activity, is how it is appreciated or shared by the viewing audiences.
Certainly in the last few years standards have dropped as more and more fraudsters have discovered how easy it is to forge activity, and in the process this has reflected heavily in the media who continue to share the fraudsters work through videos or images sold to them by independent news agencies who are perhaps even more disreputable than the hoaxers or the media they trade through.

Now of course, many new followers of the paranormal are very gullible and very soon fake material - which is often fantastic or outlandish becomes the template for what they believe is genuine.

Certainly many newspapers and magazines - particularly the `red top` newspapers, have very little respect for their readers.
I recall on one occasion I was required to `dumb down` a piece written for a women`s magazine as the editor claimed that their readers are too thick to understand.
I refused, but they instead altered it themselves and passed it off as my own work. I was not very impressed.

I realise that I could never address and put right the glaring frauds and hoaxes that abound the news sites and the internet in general, but through this video I should be able to distinguish for you what is right and wrong with regard to day time `ghosts` caught on cam, and some very questionable photographs claiming the capture of a spirit.

The common denominator is that both can be easily created with limited experience on any home computer.

I hope this video helps you to improve your ability to distinguish fake from fact

Chris Halton

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