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A PAIR of paranormal investigators have captured 'video evidence' of a supernatural being in a deserted Bedfordshire church.

The UK Haunted team posted their spooky outing to St Mary's Church, Clophill, on YouTube earlier this week.

Alex Duggan and Michael York, based in Northampton, are the duo behind the footage and say they only noticed the apparition after a fan pointed it out.

Alex said: "We actually shot the video in the summer of 2012 but last week someone commented on the footage saying that they could see something. When we slowed it down it was obvious. [Watch the video below]

"At first I thought it was glare from the infra red light but it seems to be moving in a different direction from the camera.

"Slowing it down, you can see it does actually turn into the shape of the figure that turns its head, looks and then disappears."

The experienced ghosthunter says that he and the team have had other supernatural experiences in the grounds of the church.

"It's a pretty eerie place, right in the middle of a field", Alex added. “I was in the graveyard a few months ago when I heard a woman shriek. At another point I was standing on a grave - but didn’t realise it - and through my voice box gadget I heard the name ‘Frank’.
“I looked down and saw that I was standing on the grave of a man named Frank.”

For decades St Mary’s has been at the centre of haunted tales: one involves a coven of witches who supposedly held a Black Mass at the church one dark night in March 1963, and whose evil spirits still linger around the ruined building.

Reports of locals camping out on the night of Halloween night in a bid to witness these ungodly goings on are also not unheard of.

Last year, the church featured in independent feature film The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill directed by local man Kevin Gates,

”Before we came we had heard lots of stories about demonic activity at the church and we wanted to see it for ourselves”, Alex added.

When it comes to naysayers, he is adamant that the Clophill footage speaks for itself.
"I would say 'be open minded, but dont be fooled'. You see these things on TV and think 'that's a load of rubbish' but when you are in control of the environment like we were, you know what is real and what is not.

"We would never say to people 'you have to believe this', we leave it open for other people to decide."

Source: BedfordshireOnSunday

The video is excellent in as much as it shows a partial light manifestation. I`ve captured these anomalies quite a bit over the years, and I actually am able to see these anomalies clearly on any investigation when they appear, or more frequently in my own home.

Here are two videos of such anomalies that I wish to share with you.

From a haunted airfield:

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