Friday, 28 February 2014


Is this a ghostly monk or an example of pareidolia?

An amateur snapper thinks she might have captured a series of phantom photo bombings.

Laura Dickson, from Sittingbourne, has taken several photographs in which ghostly figures mysteriously appear.

The latest incident took place during an afternoon shoot at St Peter and St Paul Church in Borden on Wednesday.

When she returned home to view the results of her work, the 26-year-old was stunned to discover one picture of a church window seemed to include the spooky spectre of a faceless monk in a habit.

It is the fourth time she claims an apparition has inexplicably turned up in a photograph she has taken.

Machinist Laura, 26, said: "People might say it's a trick of the light, but I think it's definitely something spiritual.

"I've always believed there's a spirit angel looking over me, so maybe these images are connected with that.

"When I looked at what I'd taken at the church when I got home, I saw straight away what I thought was a monk in a habit.

"I blew it up on my computer to have a closer look and it confirmed what I originally thought.

"I called my mum, and she saw it straight away as well."

Father John Lewis, vicar at the church for nine years, remained sceptical of Laura's claim to have inadvertently photographed a random wraith.

But his description of St Peter and St Paul's history added further intrigue.

He said: "The existing building dates from 1160, something like that.

"I believe the original church was founded by monks from Leeds Abbey."

Her passion for all things afterlife has not affected her boyfriend, 42-year-old Bradley Smith, who she said refused to join her on a haunted hunt around the Borden church.

She said she has since returned to the site, but the window was empty both of human and spectral beings.

"I've photographed the church three or four times before and it's the first time I've seen anything like this," she said.

Source: KentOnLine

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