Saturday, 27 April 2013


Amid the church ruins where in 1931 Orwell witnessed a full apparition

Well, it`s that time of the month where once more I share with you all the latest edition of the Haunted Earth Show.

This month we have a special video on a ghostly event witnessed by the author George Orwell, which follows through with a night investigation.

Also a video report from my home, and importantly, an announcement regarding Haunted Earth severing ties with Youtube. Courtesy of Google.

Show itinerary:

00:39 Important and special announcement (please review)
02:48 Orwell`s Ghost - A special report and night investigation (documentary).
20:08 Ghost Story - Filmed onsite report on a ghostly tale.(mini documentary)
24:41 Home paranormal investigation (regular feature)
32:12 Viewers questions (regular feature)
34:04 End of show.

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