Monday, 29 April 2013


As some of you are aware, as from May 1st 2013, I will NO LONGER be sharing videos on Youtube.

My explanation for that is on the April edition of the Haunted Earth Show.

Instead I have opted for Vimeo, as their site provides much better quality HD which isn`t available on Youtube.

This site is a major draw for the film industry as a whole, and appeals to many professionals looking for a great platform to share their work.

Vimeo - A very professional layout with better quality video.

My new link address to the new site is here :

I hope you will take the time to go over and subscribe or follow this page. Vimeo has many similar features to Youtube, but without Google interference or the `haters`.

The Youtube videos will still remain for you to see, so in that regard there will be no change.

With the new Vimeo page, you can still comment on videos and share from there to your favourite sites or blogs.

Throughout 2013 you will see major improvements in the videos provided, and lots more interesting locations. And still with me and the team out there shooting great video for you to enjoy.

I hope to see you all over there :)

Chris Halton

Here is my very last video on Youtube.

Thanks For Making This Possible! Kindly Bookmark and Share it.

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