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A local paranormal group believe they have captured photographic evidence of a ghost in a Wisbech pub.

Xstream Paranormal, which is made up of a group of enthusiasts who meet monthly in Outwell, were at The Globe in Wisbech Market Place when they
took the spooky picture.

Landlady Michelle Deller, who runs The Globe with husband Phil, said: “We were doing a planchette session when the door to the bar opened and closed again. The outside door was locked and everyone else was in the bar. Vivien [one of the investigators] was taking pictures all around to see if she could get anything and she happened to take one just at the right moment when the door opened.”

Pareidolia - or a ghost?
Michelle said she wasn’t surprised when the team came back to her and said they had found a ghost on the picture. She calls herself “open-minded” and has experienced phantom smells in the pub, such as fresh bread.

Xstream Paranormal were very excited to get the photo and Vivien Powell said they had the image checked out by an expert who could find no explanation for the ghostly figure, which appears to be wearing some kind of naval uniform.

Fellow investigator Jo Williams said they had some success with the planchette, a wooden device that holds a pencil and allows spirits to communicate through writing. They got the name ‘Nelly Lovegrove’ who was apparently a former landlady, and the name ‘Gordon’.

They picked up a clear EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recording of a voice saying “No” while conducting the planchette session which they also believe is genuine.

Jo added: “We’re stumped as to who the figure in the photo is, so if anyone can help us with information, we would be grateful.”

The team also recently did an investigation at the Tower Ballroom in Wisbech and believe they managed to get a partial apparition there. However they are still going through the data.

Source: FenlandCitizen

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