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Arx Mortis - Alleged haunted house

Tools used to dismember the body of Amanda Taylor were found in a haunted house recently. Alleged killer Ronald Weems tells authorities his friend hid the tools there. Weems is accused of killing Taylor with a nylon strap over a child support check.

Authorities in Muscle Shoals, Alabama discovered the dismembered remains of 32-year-old Amanda Taylor in December 2011. Ronald Weems and other suspects were caught and are currently on trial for her murder.

Weems allegedly strangled the mother of three in his mother's basement. It is believed that the two of them got into an argument over a child support check that they stole from Laurel Pruett. After Pruett threatened to call police, Weems tried to cover the crime up by killing Taylor. Weems and Pruett have a young daughter together that is in Weems' mother's custody.

Ronald Weems - strangled Taylor
Weems was eventually arrested and charged with Taylor's murder. Pruett was also arrested and charged with supplying a false alibi for Weems. Friends of Weems, Matthew Fox and Ashley Greenhill were also arrested for abuse of a corpse.

Matthew Fox - Dismembered body
Fox testified that he helped dismember the body and hid the tools in a haunted house located in Killen, Alabama.

Greenhill was on probation for child abuse and theft and is facing life in prison if convicted of abuse of a corpse.

Ashley Greenhill is accused of abusing Taylor`s remains
Weems accused Ashley Greenhill of killing Taylor, claiming it had to do with witchcraft.

Prosecutors believe that the music that Weems listened to influenced the crime. Weems is a juggalo, which is a groupie of the underground hip hop duo Insane Clown Posse.

All four suspects are currently on trial for their crimes against Amanda Taylor.

Source: Examiner

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