Wednesday, 27 March 2013


These photographs were kindly sent to me from Paris, France by my friend, the artist, Gala G.
Gala is a believer and student of the paranormal, and took these pictures in the dining room at her home just before the 2012 Christmas Dinner.

Just prior to these being taken, she had meditated for 20 odd minutes, as during that year two people that shared that house had passed into spirit.

Could these faces be connected?

Gala hasn`t indicated this, as the faces are not specific in detail that could allow anyone to identify features, but they are extremely interesting captures.

But in the shrubs to the left of the below picture, I can see what looks to be part of a woman`s face in grey.(See photo at bottom).

My view?

While others could argue that these images are merely pareidolia, (constructs of the brain), I feel that there is something very spiritual taking place here. But as none of us were present, these are merely opinions based upon my own work in the field of paranormal research.

In this picture, I can see two faces in the shrub to the left, and one in the middle pane.

There was orb activity captured too.

Here, the two seen by Gala have been placed side by side.
I can see what looks like the eyes and mouth of a woman
And colour filters used

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