Friday, 22 March 2013


At Borley

Tomorrow night at 2200hrs (10pm) GMT, will be the launch of the Haunted Earth Show for March 2013.

This promises to be a great show, and has two night investigations plus a special report shot at Borley Church, Essex - not far from the now gone, Borley Rectory.

The two night investigations come from my own haunted home and the 1, 350 year old `Ancient Church`, out in the wilds of the Essex marshes.

Some great evp from both locations, and in the case of the church, two, class `A` samples that are amazingly impressive. 

Also, `Ghost Story` where I report on ghostly Essex stories from a haunted location, and a new question and answer feature on the paranormal.

Beautiful Borley Church

The Ancient Church

The show runs for 55 minutes, and will be available directly from this page.

Until then, here is a trailer for the show. I hope you all enjoy!

Chris Halton

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