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Below is our featured presentation of the Haunted Earth Show for March 2013.

Beautiful but very spooky. Borley Church
This is a bumper edition as it contains two night investigations, plus a daytime special visit to explore the ghostly tales associated with Borley Church, Essex - the building so much associated with the now long gone Borley Rectory, and the controversial ghost investigator, Harry Price.

On the night investigations I report on video with the latest occurrences from my actively haunted home, and the ghost cat appears to be quite active in the master bedroom.

An ancient building once used by smugglers
But the most interesting is a return to the ancient church. This location never ceases to amaze me for light anomalies and e.v.p (electronic voice phenomena ).

On this visit we pick up some very good e.v.p, so good that one is crystal clear enough to understand exactly what is being said, and importantly the voice has a rural (country) Essex accent, which with the spread of  Thames Estuary accent, has made this voice a rarer sound in that part of the county.
On location at Borley - Chris Halton

The night in the church had a definite emphasis on communication. There were unusual smells, tapping noises from a table that supported some equipment, and in the case of a camcorder left to run on it`s own, a very loud tap to draw our attention.  Additionally, there was a crescent shaped light form that shot up from the ground and was observed by me and captured to camera.

But returning briefly to the e.v.p. The `thank you very much` occurred right at the very end of the investigation, just after I had delivered my final narrative to camera.  It was wholly apparent to Deanne and myself that the spiritual presences on this night wanted to join in.

Both e.v.p clips are directly below, and before the main show video for your own perusal. The first is very odd.

Revenue Men in action
The voice (linguistically at least) suggests to me something akin to a West Country accent, and reminds me of that of an old `sea dog` - or more correctly, a mariner.

The church was associated in the 17th and 18th century with smugglers, and the voice to my ears appears to be saying, `Try and trap it`.

I appreciate that our brains translate sounds differently, and the voice may represent another pareidolic interpretation for you.

Perhaps, (waxing lyrical for a moment) the voice may have been a smuggler, or even a `Revenue Man`, the forerunners of Customs and Excise, who in those dangerous times had the power to execute you on the spot if they found in the commission of a smuggling crime, and sadly they frequently did.

Whoever, or whatever he was, his voice was certainly very rich and interesting.

There is also a filmed report from the scene of a ghost legend, and a new spot to answer viewers questions.
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                                                            Show Itinerary

03:20 Investigation from a very haunted home. (paranormal night investigation)
10:45 Special onsite visit and report from Borley Church, Essex (documentary).
32:14 Ghost Story - Filmed onsite report on a ghostly tale.(mini documentary)
34:50 Viewers questions on the paranormal. (new feature)
42:19 Main investigation from a very ancient church. (paranormal night investigation)
55:06 End of show.

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Report: Chris Halton

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