Sunday, 17 March 2013


Last night, (Saturday March 16th, 2013) myself and team member, Deanne attended one of our more interesting locations which is a 1,350 year old church on the edge of the Essex marshes.
The site is quite barren, save a few shrubs and tree`s, and faces directly into the North Sea.
Last time we picked up an unusual light anomaly, whereas on this occasion, the emphasis was on communication through, tapping on a camcorder, the sweet musty smell of an old fashioned perfume, and quite a bit of e.v.p (electronic voice phenomena).
The investigation will be included in the forthcoming March 2013 edition of the Haunted Earth Show, and segments will appear afterwards on a `Paranormal Short` video.
Here below are some interesting photographs taken from the church, plus a fascinating clip sharing some evp from the investigation.

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