Sunday, 2 September 2012


My apologies for not being around here much in August 2012, this was due in part to my new show which is shared below, and also the tragic loss of a dear friend.

Now September is upon us, I am hopeful to be able to share any interesting paranormal news from the media, and of course updates on any new investigations.

Earlier in August 2012, Haunted Earth were invited by Harwich Paranormal Investigations to carry out an investigation at Harwich Redoubt Fort.
This structure was built in the early 19th century to protect the port of Harwich from a potential invasion or attack from French forces under the command of Napoleon Bonaparte. Fortunately the invasion never came, but the fort continued to be used by the military until the end of WWII.

The show includes a two part visit to the Harwich Redoubt, plus a review of the night`s events.
In addition we look back at some interesting phenomena captured on Haunted Earth investigations.

Below the video is an itinerary of the show`s program which was hosted on the GTN network.

Here is the very first Haunted Earth Show syndicated by GTN.
00:36 Introduction to the Harwich Redoubt with interviews with Steve Couzens and Michael Sewell of Harwich Paranormal Investigations who also act as guides in the fort.
03:51 Harwich Redoubt Fort daytime visit and walk around.
20:24 Harwich Redoubt Fort Night Investigation with a short visit to Beacon Hill Fort.
39:19 Discussion on the Redoubt Fort - covering key evidence.with video.
42:25 Discussion on the video of the Airfield Ghost - Caught on Cam, and Audio/Electronic Voice Phenomena with video.
47:34 Special announcement of live special on September 14th
Note: There is some audio drag on the discussion video which despite 2 uploads to Youtube cannot be synchronised on their system. My apologies, but I hope to rectify this by the next presentation.
Also the night investigation is an edited version of a much longer period spent on site.
My special thanks to:
Harwich Paranormal Investigations and Harwich Society.

Thanks For Making This Possible! Kindly Bookmark and Share it.

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