Tuesday, 21 August 2012


From September 1st 2012, a monthly presentation will be launched entitled, `The Haunted Earth Show`.
The presenter will be Chris Halton from Haunted Earth, and will feature one main investigation plus news, video clips and discussions on the world of the paranormal.

The show will be launched from Ghost Tales Network on the 1st of September 2012 and afterwards as a permanent post on the Haunted Earth Youtube page (constantine99999).
A link to the GTN page is here: GTN website

The first outing will feature a full investigation at Harwich Redoubt Fort, a Napoleonic era fortified structure based near Harwich Port in Essex.

The building has quite a long history since it`s creation in 1810. The guns were never fired in anger, although during WW1 it was garrisoned by troops, and in WW2 it served as a searchlight battery and a military prison.

During it`s construction, French prisoners of war were used to construct this huge building in little than 2 years, and many died as a result.

The fort is in a remarkably good state of preservation and is manned by members of Harwich Society, who also run their own in-house paranormal investigation group - H.P.I (Harwich Paranormal Investigations).
As a result of an invitation from them, Haunted Earth visited the fort on Friday August 10th and conducted a full investigation which gave some really amazing results!

Members experienced Audible Voice Phenomena, Electronic Voice Phenomena, a sighting of a man`s torso running past an open window, lights flashing from dark doorways, shadows, and two strange light anomalies pictured below.

Without giving away too much information, something very weird occurred in the cell block, which will be shared on the main video.

Unsurprisingly, the site has a long history of hauntings. Below are two videos (inc. a promo) touching base on this activity.
I hope you can tune in on this launch which has no country viewing restrictions.

These three photographs were taken in an entranceway connecting internal parts of the cylindrical fort.
Standing from a stationary position the first and second images didn`t flash at all, and instead of seeing blank black images, I caught two incredible shots showing a white misty energy.
It looks as though the energy is moving towards and away from the camera.
By the third shot, the camera reverted back to normal flash mode (as can be seen above)

Here is a promo for the investigation video.

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