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The Connor Hotel
Most hotels keep a guest register, either on paper or in a digital file, but the Connor Hotel in Jerome, Arizona,  also maintains a logbook for ghosts, at least the ones that announce their presence.
After hearing reports of ghosts for years, hotel manager Anne Conlin finally decided to start keeping records, even if she wasn't entirely convinced the hotel was haunted.
"We do hear a lot of feedback from guests and staff about things that happen or that are difficult to explain," Conlin said.
Jerome, which narrowly escaped becoming a real ghost town after the mines went bust, has attracted ghost hunters, who lug in electronic equipment to monitor paranormal activity.
The Connor gathers its reports with written journal entries, which describe noises, moving furniture, displaced personal items and other apparent evidence of ghostly visits.

Some recent entries:
A swirling energy vortex on the stairs leading to the second floor

Room 2, Dec. 27, 2010
Chair against desk. When I finished writing, I scooted the chair back in. We left for a bite to eat, and when we got back to the room, the chair was by the window as if looking out.
Room 6, July 8, 2012
When I was in the bathroom, a shadow image went across the floor. When I walked across the floor by the bed by the windows, I felt like I bumped into something by my shin. I got punched when I was taking a shower ... I kept looking at the door because I could feel a shadow energy there but I could not see it. ... When I went to bed I kept feeling my sheet getting pulled down. After all that, I sprinkled holy water in every corner and crevice and I didn't feel anything else.

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Story source: AZCentral

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