Monday, 17 September 2012


A terrified widow has called in a catholic priest for a spiritual cleansing after she says an image of her dead husbands face has appeared on her bedroom wall.

Andrea Samuels, 41, said that strange paranormal activity has been happening in her Carlisle home for several months, following the death of her late husband, Brian Samuels, who died four years ago. "New furniture has mysteriously broken and pictures keep falling off walls" Andrea Samuels said.

In addition to the strange happenings, Andrea Samuels said that her pet bird, named Spirit, has flown away, and she believes the bird was let loose from the ghosts haunting her home, one of which she believes is her dead husband, Brian Samuels.

After she believed the face of her dead husband appeared on her bedroom wall, Andrea Samuels decided to call in Father Dadson, a priest with Saint Bede's Catholic Church ."I saw something on the wall that appeared as an image of a man" said Father Dadson.

Father Dadson relocated to Carlisle in January, after working as a priest in Botswana, and his native, Nigeria, for 13 years. He said this is the second time this year that he has been asked to perform a spiritual cleansing in the city. Father Dadson believes that paranormal activity is sometimes brought on by people's actions. "In some houses things have been done, maybe people have carried out some kind of sacrifice or other activity that influences people with the forces of evil."Father Dadson explained.

A spiritual cleansing was performed in the home on Wednesday, which includes prayers and spreading holy water throughout the house. Whether or not the image that appeared on her bedroom wall is her dead husband, Andrea Samuels said the experience has helped to renew her religious faith, but she hopes that the paranormal activity in her home will stop so that she can move on with her life.

Story & Picture: HauntedSociety.Com

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