Sunday, 2 September 2012


Chris Halton
Some of you may not be aware, but apart from my own psychic abilities I also possess the gift of spiritual or `hands on healing`.

Part of my work in the past was to link-up live to help sufferers using the medium of the internet. When I first attempted this I was sceptical, but I discovered that I had a similar success rate to subjects within my normal presence. Sceptics have claimed this merely to be a `placebo effect`, and if indeed it was as they claim, then I have still achieved my goal to help sufferers.

The process works with a sufferer placing their hand on their PC monitor and focussing on my words and the reciprocal connection will be made.

From the point of contact sufferers have felt a healing energy flow directly from their computer and into their body where the energy travels to attack and help any source of pain or discomfort.

This process does not cause any immediate side effects, but can give benefit where conventional healing has seemingly failed. Sometimes sufferers have felt off colour the following day, but generally if that occurs the results are generally indicative of a major improvement the day after.

Any person participating does so under the following binding conditions:

1) They are willing to participate entirely at their own risk with full legal consent and with no legal repercussions against myself, GTN or the host, Deborah Perkins . Although there has never been any known cases where people have suffered worse as a result, this disclaimer is legally necessary and binding by anyone who takes part. This disclaimer will be reiterated before the session takes place. Any participation is an acknowledgement of the conditions obligatory to all who take part.

2) If there are any benefits received from the session, the subjects (if under medication or medical advice) must continue with their prescribed treatment and if necessary speak  first with their own doctor for further advice.

3) I do not claim to guarantee any miracle cures, but the process may alleviate pain permanently or temporarily over a period of weeks.

4) Participants must be aged 18 years or older.

A full announcement as to the time will be made before the 14th through Facebook (chris halton haunted earth) and other sites on this networking medium.
Also a full announcement will be made on Haunted Earth`s Ghost World Blog on the day of the event.

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